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In the professional and comfortable setting of the treatment room, your beauty therapist firstly observes your skin; she asks you about your beauty product preferences and any skin sensitivity to make-up removal. She tries to find out at what time your skin appears to be at its most tired and about the development of signs of ageing over time.

Like a "beauty doctor", she determines your beauty aims with you and recommends a treatment which best suits your skin. Your beauty therapist will then explain the treatment and the results you can expect. Finally, let yourself relax during the beauty treatment, under the care of your beauty therapist.

At the end of the treatment, your beauty therapist asks you to note the results and gives advice regarding personalised beauty care products, depending on the textures and active ingredients which are best suited to your skin.

Catiovital Face Treatment - R660


A personalised and exclusive treatment for all skin types. An application of sauna heat mask to detoxify the pores, followed by ionisation, ensuring deep penetration of active ingredients using a mild current, a relaxing yet stimulating phase.

Finishing off with an essential oil massage and mask, to energise the skin and ensuring renewed, radiant, plump and hydrated skin.

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Catiovital Eye Treatment - R400 (30min)


An ideal 30min treatment for tired eyes, dark circles, puffiness and signs of aging around the eye contour area. Wrinkles and fine lines are minimised, signs of fatigue disappear and the eyes regain
their youthfulness.

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Catiolift Treatment - R900


You'll look ten years younger! The non-surgical, immediate "lifting effect" through muscular stimulation, including a lymphatic draining stimulation that boosts the skin's vital functions, cleaning toxins from the tissue and re-oxygenating the skin. It produces spectacular results after the very first session, but is ideal in a course. The face shape is redefined, features smoothed with wrinkles and fine lines visibly minimised.

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Vital Lift - R1070


Combination of catovital face treatment and catiolift lifting facial.

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Beaute' Lifting Treatment - R700


A facial treatment with 3 immediate rejuvenating effects: anti-wrinkle, revitalising and firming. The skin looks younger, smoother and more luminous; wrinkles will be a distant memory.

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Peel & Lift - R720


A skin renewal treatment that has a peeling action with fruit acids and an anti-aging lifting action with vitamin C. The complexion is more radiant, more luminous, age spots fade away, and the skin is smoother, suppler with renewed firmness and youthfulness.

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Teens facial R400

special facial for that teen face. 


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